Colm MacCárthaigh: Guitars, Matt Jerrell: Drums, Ryan Davidson: Double Bass,

Notes about The Girl with the Long Black Hair

This great tune is known by a hilarious combination of contradictory names. Sometimes the girl’s hair is golden, sometimes it’s black, sometimes it’s both, and sometimes it’s flowing down her back. Rumor has it that much of the confusion is due to the great Micho Russell giving out completely different names for this tune over the years. Regardless, it’s a great tune. It’s also a very unusual tune, as tunes go. It ends unresolved, and it’s often played in a variety of different styles. Including as a slow reel, as a hoppy hornpipe, or as we’ve done here, as a reel. This tune really shows off Matt’s great drumming; he’s got an ability to create fills and rhythm patterns that are truly incredible. It’s a tune I love playing on guitar and it’s a great opportunity to play rolls, crans and Spanish style flourishes that you don’t hear too much with Irish guitar playing.