Notes from The Sound

Upcoming talks

QCon New York

2019 | June

On June 24th, I’ll be speaking about PID loops, control theory and other cool things at QCon New York as part of Cindy Sridharan’s modern CS in the real world track.

AWS re:Inforce

2019 | June

On June 25th, I’ll be talking at AWS re:Inforce, and giving away some of the nitty gritty details of how we do encryption at unprecedented scale at AWS. I’ll be covering some technologies we’ve never even made public before.


2019 | September

I’ll be giving one of the Keynote talks at this year’s IEEE SecDev. I’m looking forward to talking about how layered security can be better managed using modern code analysis techniques, and how we’ve put Formal Verification into practice on real world code that is handling trillions of requests.

Previous talks

AWS re:Invent

2018 | November

Podcast: Folk Stories

2018 | September

My friend and former colleague Kevin Lin interviewed me for episode 3 of his “Folk Stories” podcast.

Networking @Scale

2018 | May